EPS Networks is a ShoreTel Certified installer and support partner.  Our technicians will help you design, and implement a internal phone system that best suits your needs, whatever that may be. ShoreTel’s Unified Communications System encompasses phones, switches, & software designed for easy deployment and rapid flexibility by integrating voice, video, IM, and voicemail in one easy-to-use system with no single point of failure. Top 5 Reasons to test drive ShoreTel:

  • Built from the ground up for reliable IP communications, ShoreTel deploys, scales, and grows with ease.
  • Complete UC Solution – You can upgrade to an IP phone system, tap into the power of Unified Communications, or modernize your contact center — or all three — quickly and affordably.
  • Thanks to an ingenious purpose-built IP architecture, the system looks and behaves like a single, unified platform and can be esaily expanded across as many sites, or even countries, as needed.
  • Rated the #1 Unified Communications solution in the latest Aberdeen reports.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Guaranteed – say goodbye to all those expensive implementation, support, and administration costs.

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