Web & DNS Hosting


Our web hosting server is a virtualized system, based off of the well known industry leader in Web Hosting Management technologies: cPanel.  Our webservers are capable of handle thousands of transactions a second, backed up by a world class datacenter, fully redundant power, and multiple paths to the internet.  Utilizing cPanel’s WHM control panel means that each client can manage and customize their website at will, and as necessary.  There is no need to wait until you can get ahold of our technicians to make a change to your website, as all the power you need is in your hands.  however, should you decide to utilize our engineers, they are readily available to you to make any changes you might need.

Our DNS server are hosted at two different locations, and installed on redundant hardware, so that should one location or datacenter go down, the other server will pick up as a failover for DNS.