Did you know that over 80% of data loss is due to an accidental deletion? Be worry free with Infrascale!

Infrascale provides a complete server backup solution ranging from SQL and Exchange backups to file and folder backups. No longer will you need to use a separate server for backups as Infrascale is a secured cloud based backup system. This particular backup allows users to keep every version of every file backed up until it is manually deleted.

Infrascale provides solutions for the following:

  • Bare metal backup and recovery for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, and more (optional)
  • Native backup and recovery for Exchange 2010 servers
  • Exchange Granular Recovery allows you to backup and recover by mailbox and by message
  • Backup and recover laptops, workstations, fileservers, and files and folders
  • Military-grade encryption – three-tiers of protection for your business data
  • Send transactionally consistent bare metal images of your backups to the cloud

Mistakes and disasters can happen. As a business, you cannot predict the next time your files are compromised. Call us today to secure your data!



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