Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity is an organization’s ability to ensure operations and core functions are not impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident that take critical systems offline. A reliable plan also provides access to the data to continue operating your business if the hardware hosting the data becomes unusable. EPS Networks can help your organization create a continuity plan and put you on the path to recovery, if a disaster were to ever occur.

Implementing IT risk management processes and procedures is important. EPS Networks helps to prevent the interruptions that will cost you money and valuable time.

Potential disasters can strike at any time. Being prepared with a proper plan is the best way to keep your organization safe from:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Power Disruptions
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Workplace Accidents

The next step in your disaster recovery plan is to implement the use of managed backups.

Why Managed Backups?
Regular backups of critical data and systems is often the most overlooked part of the network. EPS Networks offers several types of managed backups and monitoring services that will give you the capability to restore data in the event of a catastrophe. EPS Networks will create alerts in the event backups fail to run or complete.
Backup Features:

  • Hyper-V Backup
  • Physical Server Backup
  • Bare Metal Restores
  • Offsite Cloud Backups
  • Automatic Backup Reports and Alerts
  • Exchange Backups


Is It Worth The Risk?
Without a plan for maintaining business operations during catastrophic events, a business could be damaged within hours. With proper backups, the risk for lost customers, revenue, and reputation can be avoided.